Responsible Architecture

Sports Arena

Location: Bucharest, Romania Year: 2010

The development of this project started with the discovery of the site, located in the north of Bucharest, and was undertaken by conducting studies and analyzing factors that contributed to creation of the building’s shape. The site suggests a capacity for supporting iconic architecture, transposed within the diamond-shaped outer envelope; when properly adjusted to the surroundings the shape creates an interesting perspectives from every angle. The relation between the building’s shape and the surroundings is a dynamic one, with balance achieved by the architectural form, its outer shell is deliberately designed in opposition to the interior space, the latter having been resolved with a classic regularity. While the shell and the interior are showing each other off, creating vast spaces that provide an enchanting spectacle to the viewer. The major challenge consisted in joining the two components, that is, interior and exterior; the attempt to tie all internal functions around the pitch was a success, maintaining the purity of the outer shell intact. The interspace that resulted in the opposition of the free exterior design and interior regularity was allotted to areas which serve the public. Solving the outer shell structure in triangulations provided independence from the interior, due to which fact the quality of space has improved considerably, as well as the overall relationship between the two. There is a vertical functional segregation, with the ground floor designed for entrances and athletes, and the subsequent  levels remains reserved for spectators. The restaurant’s underground location, which includes a terrace, creates a natural transition from the building to the land. The fragmentation of the outer envelope gives a more appealing human angle to what is usually perceived as a formal large project. Another contemporary note is the choice of copper as material for exterior, a living material which oxidizes over time. Where light is required, the copper is perforated.

Sports Arena
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