Responsible Architecture

House in East Flanders

Year: 2015

This house is meant to keep alive the memory of a barn that was found on the land. It develops itself as a group of 4 volumes separated by function, each one oriented in such a way that it can benefit from privacy and best orientation for the spaces that are found within.

The main volume that hosts the noble spaces distinguished itself through size and by having a first floor where a library can be found. Together with the pool, it opens itself towards a deck that mediates the dialog between the interior and the back garden.

 Full height openings fill the interiors with natural light and offer views towards the surrounding garden and lands, which are offered a neutral background by the white rendering of the walls.

The interior spaces employ all the height under the pitched roofs of corrugated metal. A light colour brick was used at the exterior which blends in with the changing colours of the lands.


House in East Flanders
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