Responsible Architecture

Esplanada – urban development

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Year: 2010
Team: Alexandra Andone

The aim of this project was to urbanize a large area directly in the middle of the city, located on Unirii Blvd, and left unfinished after the communist intervention. The site is a transition space between the river and the National Library, an isolated object on one side with residential flat blocks on the other.

The area under analysis was significantly bigger than the actual site since the scale of intervention might extend further than the immediate surroundings and affect the whole central part of the city. The Unirii Blvd is very uniform from the architectural point of view, with no landmarks, and its location on the axis of the Parliament only intensifies the weight of this communist construction.

The purpose of the project is to attract more people by creating favorable living and recreational conditions, and re-introducing vegetation and public recreational spaces and parks so lacking and desperately needed in this community.

The urban composition is a system of public spaces and green parks, each of them having a unique character. The high-rise office tower would become a landmark and offer a different approach to the Parliament, which would no longer seem so cumbersome. The entire area would be invigorated by a variety of projects ranging from commercial venues and offices to accommodations and cultural centers.

In order to create a gradual transition from the tall apartment buildings in the east and in the south of the site and the National Library, compact buildings are introduced, thus offering different types of spaces.

Esplanada – urban development
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